Park Hill Cemetery was conceived and founded in 1888. Park Hill has always been a place apart. Its location, in an area of gently rolling hills and a beautiful pond, takes you away from the main stream of traffic. A full time staff of specially trained personnel maintains the buildings and grounds. They are charged with the perpetual care of this cemetery and the task of maintaining the dignified surroundings of ageless beauty and endurance. Park Hill has a uniquely secluded location, and a full range of services. Through the years the board of trustees have maintained a planned expansion program with many additional lots in new areas providing property for many decades to come. Park Hill is the final resting place for more than 30,000 persons. In addition to traditional burial lots, the Memorial Mausoleum contains 192 crypts and 460 niches. These above ground chambers are available for the permanent internment of remains. They are constructed of reinforced concrete and marble to endure through the ages. The chapel seats up to 125 persons in peaceful surroundings. In this specially designed room a feeling of quiet peace offers comfort and strength to those who come to honor their dearly departed. Park Hill’s Crematorium is located in the Memorial Mausoleum, adjacent to the chapel. The completely modern crematory retort offers a practical method of cremation. The board of trustees invites the public to visit Park Hill. Its pledge to the future is the preservation of the last resting place of all those who choose the facilities of Park Hill.

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